Roots in the psyche
Branching to the stars
Solid, centered
From an acorn of knowledge
A tree of understanding

Astrology is an amazing model of life, a language that provides insight and understanding into the way we feel, think and act. Oneness Astrology with Ki combines Astrology with Jungian Psychology and the principles of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, bringing a unique perspective to an age-old art.

In your birthchart are clues to your nature. Eleven planets and many asteroids circled overhead the day you took your first breath, and each of these corresponds to life energies and qualities you have. The exact section of the sky in which each planet floated shows the areas of life in which you’ll see these energies activated. And, too, the relationships of the planets to each other give clues as to what strengths and challenges you’ll deal with throughout your time on Earth. Natal chart interpretations and transit (where the planets are now) readings can help you understand yourself, those you deal with, and the situations that come to you in life.

Here at, you'll find a selection of chart readings, astrodice and Tarot readings. As a step in your personal evolution, or a gift for those you love, a reading can help you get where you want to go: further.


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