Astrodice Readings

(all prices in US Dollars)

Astrodice are a tool that helps with immediate questions or issues that you are working on. There are three 12-sided dice: one with the planets (including the Sun and Moon), one with the Zodiac signs, and one with the houses. You ask your question, and the dice are rolled. I can interpret the resulting placement of a planet in a sign and house in relation to your question.

General State Reading      1 hour      100.00
If you donít know enough birth information to calculate an accurate chart, we can work with the Astrodice to get a general idea of who you are and what is going on.

Specific Question/Issue      1 hour      100.00
We can work with a specific question or issue that you're trying to resolve, devoting ourselves to only that topic for the hour.

Specific Questions      1/2 hour      60.00
We can work with a number of questions, rolling the dice for each, as long as time allows.

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