Astrological Readings

(all prices in US Dollars)

All chart readings include a PDF or printed copy of the chart and planetary position tables, as well as an MP3 recording of the session. If the session is done via Skype or phone, the chart can be emailed or posted to you in advance so that we can both be looking at it while we talk.

Natal (Birth) Chart Reading      140.00
You'll need your birth date, time and place. We’ll talk about where the planets were when you were born, and how that relates to who you are—your strengths, challenges, and ways of moving through the world.

Transit (Where the planets are now) Chart Reading      140.00
Where the planets are now, and how they relate to each other, often trigger the energies in your natal chart. We’ll talk about the current positions of the planets and how what’s going on for us all channels into your individual life.

Child’s Chart      160.00
For kids over 12, or for parent(s) of children under age 12. I'll need the child's birth date, time, and place, as well as those of the parent(s). This reading can give insight into understanding the child's nature, and help with relating in a family. If the child is 12 or older, they choose whether or not to include their parent(s) in the reading.

Teen Natal or Transit Chart      50.00
Discounted for teenagers as a gift toward understanding yourself and growing with that understanding.

Travel/Moving Chart          140.00
Using a Locational Astrology technique called Astro*Carto*Graphy (developed by Jim Lewis), we can see how your chart, projected onto the Earth’s surface, shows where certain energies arise for you.

Relocation Chart    160.00
Using your natal chart information, but replacing the birthplace with a different place, gives us an idea of what your life would be like if you lived in that place.

Synastry/Relationship (Two Charts Compared)    300.00
Both participants must first have had a natal consultation separately, then in a third, combined session, we'll go over the places where the two charts meet. This can be for two people, or a person and an event, or place.

Composite Chart (Natal Reading of a Relationship)    300.00
Both people must first have had a natal consultation separately, then in a third, combined session, we'll go over the chart of the relationship as an entity unto itself.

Electional Chart    140.00
This is a reading of when to do something, such as get married or have surgery, etc. We can pick the most opportune time for you. We need your birth information, and a range of dates to work within.

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