Ki and Ki-Related Links

I trained for some years in Aikido with Ki, a Japanese martial art devoted to non-violent conflict resolution through agreement and non-collision. This training involves using martial art techniques as a psycho-kinetic reminder that there is more strength in relaxation than in tension, and that the best position to do anything from is one of relaxed, centered awareness. We learn to bring mind and body back together, and to remember our connectedness to all that is. It is this oneness, and the training to connect with it, that has influenced me greatly, and given me the name for my business. There are many ways to remember that we are all part of the great circle of the Universe--religions, philosophies, meditations, actions. We all have our own paths to this realization, and mine involved the study of Ki. Here are two links from the Ki organization to which I belong:

Ki Society International : Japan headquarters of the International Ki Society, founded by Koichi Tohei Sensei. (I had the great pleasure and intensity of training with Tohei Sensei in Japan, an experience that will last more than this lifetime, I'm sure.) You can read about the philosophy of the Ki Society, and of Shin-Shin Toitsu Aikido, or Mind-Body Co-ordiantion Aikido. Learn how a violent martial art used by ancient samurai has evolved into an art that teaches agreement and non-collision, and how you can use Ki principles in your own daily life. : home of my teacher, Pietro Yuji Maida, and our dojo in Northern California, USA. Here you can see the workings of an organization based on Ki principles, and see some of its uses today: Aikido classes for adults, teens and children, Ki classes in prisons, parenting workshops, and more.